First Love Shayari For Girlfriend  

You are the training of love and worship go today in my incomplete life You are sweet, You are not of this heart, You are the lovely creation of the one above..

First Love Shayari For Girlfriend  

Whoever comes to mind when your name come I can't control Even this night doesn't listen to me anymore I explain it a million Don't bring your memories with you..

After all, first love is so easy can't be forgotten and the time we spent together He is remembered a lot by staying here.

First Love Shayari For Girlfriend  

If you love someone in life Do then don't lose him why if true love is lost once Don't get it again.

Like this eyes they are going down, The lovers standing nearby are getting troubled like this, Some say that the oppressor has raised his eyes, We are dying to see your attitude.

to the delicate beats of my heart, You taught me to beat Ever since I got your love, taught me to smile even in sorrow..

First Love Shayari For Girlfriend  

you are so weird But be special to my heart, you're so far away But be near my heart, How to tell you the things of the heart How to get the matter into your heart…

First Love Shayari For Girlfriend  

promise you love have gone with you, we are not helpless anymore You have found our caravan…

first love

if you fall in love, So life finds a new path, to every mischievous drop of rain There is shelter in the lap of the earth. I want you That's why I come close to you.

i am your first love I am filled with your love tere pyaar mo barbad ho me Gave every moment of my life to you, I am the sharer of your happiness and sorrow from today..

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