kiss to make you happy alway And never let our bond break dedicated, every day of my life To make you feel like the luckiest wife Every wish that comes in your thought I'll try to make ends meet.

amazing how you can be my strength while you can also be my weakness. With you, I can be my most vulnerable The most fragile man you’ll ever witness.

My love for you protects you and is honorable. To you I promise to always be faithful. My love for you is understanding and passionate. To you I promise to always be compassionate.

My love for you is thoughtful and cherishing. To you I promise to always be devoted and caring. My love for you is patient and kind. To you I promise this always until the end of time.

The first time our eyes met I knew in my heart it’s meant That our lives will intertwine The love we share, true and divine.

You gave light to my soul, You helped me to be whole, I have felt love for you before, And it will be more and more, You are mine, my dear You are the angel from above Who taught me how to love.

When I say you are my life, I really mean a lot, You always stay in my heart, Right from the start, You are my wonderful wife, You are the reason of my life

Good love is all you've been giving loving you make life worth living I love the way you love me and cherish the way you fulfill my every need.

Close your eyes and think of me Close your eyes and try to see Our hearts together and what could be Our love forever as destiny.

I love my name When you whisper it And love my heart When you love it. I love my life, Because you are the part of it.