sadness poems about life and pain

Well all the kids are sad But some get over it. be thankful better than that, buy a hat Buy a coat or pet. Dance to forget. 

We smile, but, O great Christ, our cry For you are born of tyrant spirits. We sing but oh the soil is low under our feet, and miles long; But let the world dream, We wear masks!

The season of soot, that brings forth bud and flower, is wearing a hill and a valley with green, The winged nightingale sings new, the tortoise told her his story

Now moving on with life, I force a loud grin, Questioning what went wrong, Wonder what could happen.

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To hear that great night, Even more immense without him. and the poem fall For pasture souls like dew.

The house seems very quiet And I'm not sure what to do. i don't remember how i used to live before the day i met you. 

I replay your yelling Saying how much I’m failing You say it’s just scolding Your feelings unfolding..

here's a pretty baby lying slept with the lullaby sung: Pray shut up, and don't stir Th' easy earth that covers him.