angry girl love shayari for in english 

it covered my head with honey what's more, filled the tub with rock what's more, when I shouted out of frustration it took my shoes and socks..

No one knows it's excruciating. They imagine that I am solid. They say it won't kill me, Yet, I keep thinking about whether they are off-base…

A rose breathing the fragrance of your land brought up knowing no other home soil how might I bear the consumed of your Summer outrage and stress inside my chest bubble.

I've given you my heart. I've given you my spirit. I'm fed up with feeling vacant, Yet again, to feel great.

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I'm burnt out on your expressions of remorse, I'm burnt out on your untruths. You've left me feeling unfilled, Prepared to bid farewell.

This clench hand gripped round my heart relaxes a bit, and I wheeze brilliance; yet it fixed once more. When have I ever not cherished the aggravation of adoration? Yet, this has moved..

Presently continuing on with life, I force a contemplative smile, Addressing what turned out badly, Thinking about what could have been.

I love you when you're distraught. Take out completely your indignation. Simply kindly, don't scowl and be miserable. Your tears I can never deal with.