Love Shayari in English for Lovers, Fresh SMS Maza

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Wait a while,

But we got the most beloved man,

No one else’s desire after you,

Because you got everything from your love.

What is the benefit of drinking jam on jam,

In the evening PK will be up in the morning,

Just drink a little bit of my love and see,

All your life will get drunk.

Make a promise to us, we will not stop,

Whatever the circumstances, we will not forget it,

We will hide in our eyes,

And then do not show anyone.

Khuda simply ask for your happiness,

In your prayers, ask for your blessings,

Thinks what you ask for,

Let’s ask you for the love of your life.


Sometimes you laugh, you ever cry, you,

Sometimes you wake up from sleep,

But whenever we remember with our heart,

So really you give us a moment of life.

No gulpham should be, no salute,

Love is just a pager,

And whosoever drinks and flies, our senses,

Our loved ones want such a thing.

When somebody misses you tonight,

And the cold wind pushes your hair,

So close your eyes and go to sleep,

And we secretly come to your expectations.

When I go, I will love you,

When will you love me,

You are passing these nights in your own remembrance,

Know when you will be waiting for us too.

Flowers are blooming,

In such a season only love is accumulated,

The heart does not say the lips,

These fashions are left with eyes.

Now we do not want to lose you,

Now do not want to cry in your memories,

Just every moment we meet with you,

Now just want to tell you so much.

Traveling up to as far as you are,

Look at it as far as you are,

Thousands of people see Gulshan,

But the scent is as far as you are.

Come slowly and fall into our heart,

Like scent, I get scattered in my breath,

Now, this is the situation in your love,

You sleep only when you sleep.

I do not want to deny you,

How can I say no love to me,

Some mischief was also with your eyesight,

I am not alone in this crime.

The desire is to make you your own,

And no one wants to be happy,

The complaint is not with me,

What was the need to make you so beautiful?

Every decision is not made,

This is a matter of heart, just look after

What do you know how much love we have from you,

Say it, let me keep your liver.

They make their mischief with the eyes

They do the doom with their actions.

Our eyes do not touch their face,

And they complain about our eyes.

When you came to my heart,

So long for my heart beating a lot,

Which happened to you at my house yesterday

I have been feeling my home for a long time

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